Broken Glass Posts
Broken Glass Posts

Broken Glass Posts

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"I believe in the beauty of all things broken." - Terry Tempest Williams

The first pair of these earrings were made on a fire escape in Brooklyn with a nail file and some heavy duty glue. Since then they've gone through a bit of an upgrade!

Each pair is carefully partnered off, hand sanded, and wrapped with a sterling silver frame. They're finished off with sterling silver posts and backs. Each piece of glass is unique, no two pairs will ever be alike.

All sizes are 3/8" wide and range from 1/8" - 1/2" tall.

Sterling Silver & Broken Tempered Glass

Due to the material, these earrings can be fragile. For the longest life, please do not sleep, shower, swim, etc in these earrings.

Handmade in Columbus, Ohio