Sunset Enamel Simple Earrings

Sunset Enamel Simple Earrings

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The Sunset Enamel Collection is designed to capture the warm, calm excitement of watching the setting sun drop towards the horizon.

These pieces are made from enameled copper. The enamel is dusted on as a powdered glass and then gets fired in a kiln. In there, the glass melts, the copper heats up, and the two fuse together. These pieces are fired with a black glass on the back, so that the front goes into the kiln first as bare copper. The heat of the kiln produces patterns on each piece, as unique and unpredictable as a fingerprint. A clear glass is applied to seal it in. Each piece sees the kiln 3-4 times!

These earrings are small and simple, creating a subtle way to bring this warmth to your jewelry collection.

3/16" x 3/4" enameled copper charms on Oxidized Sterling Silver earring hooks

Handmade in Columbus, Ohio