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Long Warm Sun Necklace - Reversible!
Long Warm Sun Necklace - Reversible!

Long Warm Sun Necklace - Reversible!

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Warm, nuanced copper shades fill in the simplified sun shape of this long necklace. The long beams dangle from the bottom, dancing playfully when worn. The whole necklace hangs long and easy from a 30" oxidized sterling silver chain.

Not in the mood for the color one day? Wear the necklace the opposite way to wear the black side out instead.

The enameled copper pieces on this were kiln-fired. In the enameling process, powdered glass is sprinkled onto the copper and then both are heated up until they fuse together. I always fire black on the back first which leaves the copper bare at first, allowing it to be changed and pick up patterns from the heat. The unpredictability leaves each piece as unique as a fingerprint. The patterns are sealed with a clear glass enamel layer and the pieces are gently fired again to develop the color to these rusty, rich warm shades.

This necklace is a limited edition. There is only one available in this batch!

1 1/4" x 4" - Enameled Copper - 30" Oxidized Silver Chain