About Glass Sky Jewelry


Handmade in Columbus, Ohio to embolden and celebrate strong, natural spirits

Do you have a symbol that drives you?

Something that creates a steady beat in your life and keeps you connected to your spirit day to day?

Glass Sky Jewelry has become that for me and I hope it can become that for you too!

I found metalsmithing at a time when I felt far away from myself and from others. I felt the need for authenticity and connection and realized that to connect with others, I first had to connect with myself. In myself I found muddy, unclear, and vulnerable parts that felt so personal. But I began to share with others and learned those grey areas are truly universal and are where we do most of our living, in the in-between, in the nuance. In this era of constant access and “connection,” we too often have to define ourselves in black and white and tell a simpler version of the truth to ourselves and to others. Glass Sky Jewelry aims to honor our authenticity by combining warm and natural imagery, one-of-a-kind nuance, and simple geometric clarity. I design and build pieces to support and embolden you in your everyday, just as you are, and hope they’ll become staples of your style and of your spirit.

I believe in the power of connection and think that when we can connect to our true, authentic selves, we can connect with others. Come start our connection here!

Truly, Andrea