Sunny Sassafras Statement Earrings

Sunny Sassafras Statement Earrings

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A true statement, these hooks feature a gorgeous warm gradient of rusty orange-reds, rosy coppers, golden yellows, and toasted tans. Tiny dangles swing and dance from the tips of the Sassafras leaf inspired shape. And the 14K gold-fill details highlight the overwhelming warmth of these earrings.

Of note, these earrings are truly a statement size and, while still comfortable, are on the heavier range of Glass Sky earrings.

Your piece was cut by hand from a sheet of copper. Layers of powdered glass enamel were sprinkled on. Then the pieces were fired in a kiln to melt the glass and heat up the copper, fusing the two together. The backside is covered with a solid black enamel.

1 3/4" wide x 2 5/8" long - Copper w/Enamel & 14K Gold-Fill